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Amendments to Trademark Laws

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Issue 9/21 (May 2021)

EUIPO Collaboration to Support SMEs read more

EUIPO Financial Support for SMEs  read more

EUIPO Official eRegister Online  read more

Greece Back-office System Enhanced read more

Lithuania Further Improvements to Back-office System read more

Saudi Arabia Accession to Nice Agreement read more

South Korea Amendments to Trademark Act  read more

South Korea Examination Guidelines on Similarity of Goods Changed read more

Spain Back-office System for Designs Enhanced  read more

Thailand Fast-Track TM Renewal and Examination Introduced read more

WIPO Accession to Nice Agreement by Saudi Arabia read more

Issue 8/21 (April 2021)

Belarus Accession to Hague System read more

EUIPO Common Communication on New Types of Marks read more

Georgia Further Steps towards Common EU Practices  read more

India IP Appellate Board Abolished read more

Pakistan Accession to Madrid Protocol  read more

Rwanda Maximum Duration of International Designs Specified read more

Thailand Draft Examination Manual Published read more

WIPO Belarus Joins the Hague System  read more

WIPO Pakistan Joins Madrid Protocol read more

WIPO Ruanda Specifies Maximumum Duration of International Designs read more